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A great pharmaceutical sales resume can change your life!

I specialize in high impact, professional sales resumes carefully targeted to the pharmaceutical industry!

sales resume writer Hello - my name is Richard Brunt. In my 15 years sales experience with a major pharmaceutical company (Wyeth), I learned that managers are looking for very specific skills and attributes in prospective employees. I can create a pharmaceutical sales resume and cover letter for you that highlights the specific skills they are looking for, providing a competitive edge. I am an expert, internationally published pharmaceutical sales resume writer with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing - one of the most experienced, qualified pharmaceutical sales resume writers available on the web.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
If you are not completely delighted with your new pharmaceutical sales resume I will re-write it until you are!
If you don't have your new job in 3 weeks, I will review your resume and fine tune it again - for free.

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A professional resume is vital to your success.

You have spent years in school or work becoming qualified. You may have spent a great deal of money on education, or made major sacrifices to get where you are today. When an employer receives your resume they will typically spend 15-30 seconds scanning it. Most resumes end up in the recycling bin at this time, but a few are set aside for more careful reading. In this brief period you need to convey your qualifications powerfully, using concise, tight, punchy language. I can help you achieve this.

I review dozens of resumes every week from intelligent, successful people who have written their resumes themselves. Usually these resumes are not well targeted, do not include powerful language and keywords, are poorly organized and wordy.

My professional resume writing service will create a precise, targeted resume for you that will achieve results!

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Why choose Cutting-Edge Professional Resume Writing Service?

I have written a vast number of pharmaceutical sales resumes. My client feedback is consistently superb.

I am genuinely committed and dedicated to helping you find meaningful work. My business philosophy is based on honesty, trust, service, and mutual respect. There are no gimmicks, hype, pressure tactics or "limited time offers".

My writing has appeared in major magazines and newspapers internationally. Few resume writers are bona-fide professional writers. You are not taking any chances with an inexperienced pharmaceutical sales resume writer.

My background includes 15 years experience in sales and marketing with a major corporation, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Believe me, a marketing background makes all the difference. Resumes are very much marketing documents. Most pharmaceutical sales resume writers lack this vital component to their experience. I know how to word things persuasively. I know what will impress hiring managers in any given field, and what should be left off a sales resume.

And I do it for less!

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Few sales resume writers
possess my level of experience and expertise.

A typical online pharmaceutical sales resume writing service will subcontract the work to freelance writers. You don't really know the qualifications of the person you will be dealing with. There are "certified resume writers", but this is a minimal qualification, and is no guarantee you will be working with a professional resume writer.

Freelance pharmaceutical resume writers are usually paid between $20 and $60 per resume. They have to crank resumes out fast to make any money. Ask yourself, how may hours could you put into a job for $20-$60? Is that the person you want responsible for a document that could change your life? When you choose my professional resume writing service you work with me personally, one on one, until you are completely satisfied.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
If you are not completely delighted with your new pharmaceutical sales resume I will re-write it until you are!
If you don't have your new job in 3 weeks I will review your sales resume and fine tune it again.

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